Election 2016 Overview


Last Delegate Update: 2019-02-10 22:01 UTC

Roll call: Clinton 2842, Sanders 1865, DNV 56




Delegate Race Details


Democratic Delegate Race Analysis



Delegate Totals

(2,382 delegates needed to win)

4,672 delegates allocated so far
91 delegates still TBD
(98.09% allocated, 1.91% TBD)

Clinton vs Trump

Last Poll Update: 2016-11-08 18:52 UTC

Earned EC: Trump 306, Clinton 232

Actual EC: Trump 304, Clinton 227, Others 7

Post Mortem Analysis here


Electoral College Details


Electoral College Analysis



Electoral Vote Summary

(270 electoral votes needed to win)

Trump Best
Clinton Best


Last Delegate Update: 2016-06-30 06:00 UTC

Roll call: Trump 1725, Cruz 484, Kasich 125, Rubio 123, Others 12, DNV 3




Delegate Race Details


Republican Delegate Race Analysis



Delegate Totals

(1,237 delegates needed to win)

2,454 delegates allocated so far
18 delegates still TBD
(99.27% allocated, 0.73% TBD)
Election Graphs tracks state by state poll averages to estimate Electoral College results, and tracks estimates of the primary delegate races.


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The 'Expected' scenario represents each candiate winning all the states they are ahead in based on poll averages.

'Best' scenarios represent the candidate winning all of the states they are ahead in, plus all states where their opponent leads by less than 5%.

The 'tipping point' state is the state that puts the winning candidate over the top if the states are sorted by margin.


Full listing of general election state polls used on this site: HTML or pipe delimited text


Delegate information is compiled from The Green Papers, Wikipedia's 2016 List of Democratic Superdelegates, Abulsme's 2016 List of Republican Unbound Delegates, and sometimes others.

Delegate totals are best estimates based on data from the sources above. Full references are available in the notes field in the raw data files linked below.


Raw delegate data files (CSV) used on this site: Democrats / Republicans


Analysis for the 2008 and 2012 election cycles can be found here.


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