Election Graphs is a personal project done in my spare time. There are monthly costs associated with hosting and such, but the biggest cost is time. Between election years I have spent considerable amounts of time setting up the infrastructure and automation behind the site. During the election year many nights and weekends are occupied gathering and publishing delegate and poll data to keep the site updated and doing the analysis blog posts when something of note changes. This is of course time I could be spending doing other things.


I do this site as a labor of love and because I enjoy it. There are no ads on the site, and I have no expectation of it ever being anything other than a cost in terms of money. This is not an endeavor designed to generate a profit. But if anybody out there finds the content on Election Graphs interesting or useful and wishes to express it monetarily, I certainly don't object, and in fact would very much appreciate it.


The following are links to PayPal to do a quick one time donation. If you want to donate more than once, that is fine of course, but I do not include recurring options here because for the most part this site is of interest during the Presidential campaigns every four years, then is just in an archival mode for the years in between. So it seems unfair to solicit recurring donations during those slow years.


In any case, thank you very much for your interest in the site regardless, and if you donate, thank you very much in advance.


-- Samuel Minter, proprietor of --